Prototype to production

Our Partners


Creative design and manufacturing has a 22+ year history of precision plastic tooling, molding and assembly.


ViQuest Technology Chunghuat: Singapore / Johor Bahru, Malaysia
USINA, SHD Tooling & Moulding: Kunshan, China: Tooling in-house, All Electric Injection moulding
Factory highlight: Moulding (double shot/overmould)
In-house paint shop, pad printing, silkscreen, laser marking, induction/ultrasonic welding, 
Press tonnage range: 80 ton – 1,500 ton

METAL WORKS: Stamping, Tooling, CNC, Die Casting

Prototype to Production metals: progressive and staged tooling of precision plastic tooling, molding and assembly.               


Prototyping Meikao: CNC, prototyping and model shop from concept to bridge tooling
Capabilities: CNC from Solid block of ABS, PC/ABS, Acrylic, Nylon, PEEK, PEI, Acetal,Copper, Aluminum and steel
Production: CNC, precision machining and secondary finishing
FMD Castings: AL die casting and finishing
HYS: Staged/Progressive metal stamping
Kingdom: Screw machine & small stage/progressive metal stamping